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Y-STR variation among Slavs: evidence for the Slavic homeland in the middle Dnieper basin

"Because Slavs unequivocally enter the records of history as late as the sixth century AD, when their expansion in Eastern Europe was already advanced, different theories concerning the Slavs’ geographic origin based on archaeological, anthropological and/or linguistic data have been formulated. T
wo such theories have gained the largest support among the scientists (Schenker 1995), one placing the cradle of Slavs in the watershed of the Vistula and Oder rivers (present-day Poland), and the other locating it in the watershed of the middle Dnieper (present-day Ukraine).
Our results indicate that using the population-of-origin approach based on the AMOVA, as many as nine (P > 0.05) or ten (P > 0.01) populations can be traced back to the lands of present-day Ukraine, including Eastern-Slavic Russians and Belarusians, Western-Slavic Poles and Slovaks, and Southern-Slavic Slovenes and Croats.
On the other hand, the Polish population gave insignificant FST values in pairwise comparisons with only one (i.e. Ukrainians) or three (i.e. Ukrainians, Slovaks, and Lusatians) populations (P > 0.05 or 0.01, respectively). Moreover, the Y-STR genetic distance between Poles and Belarusians, who are geographic neighbours (Table 1), excludes significant gene flow between the two populations and localisation of Belarusians’ ancestors in present-day Poland"

Висновок: "The central position of the population of Ukraine in the network of insignificant AMOVA comparisons, and the lack of traces of significant contribution of ancient tribes inhabiting present-day Poland to the gene pool of Eastern and Southern Slavs, support hypothesis placing the earliest known homeland of Slavs in the middle Dnieper basin


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